• Neférte’s skin repairing peptide complex serum reverses signs of aging, acne scars, and rebuilds your skin’s resilience at the cellular level, resulting in smooth, toned, and younger looking skin. This product is best suited for deep, indented scars.


    What’s the secret? Peptides are the building blocks to your skin’s protein and the key to collagen production and retention. When you apply a peptide complex on your skin, in this case, coenzyme Q10 peptide complex, your skin triggers collagen production, which can repair skin issues like eczema and dermatitis while improving tone and texture.


    This powerful serum packed with effective ingredients renews and rejuvenates skin while fighting excessive oil buildup and preventing premature aging of skin.


    For dark spots and hyperpigmentation, check out our hydration blast serum with vitamin C!

    Repair and Rebuild Peptide Complex Serum

    • Apply to cleansed, dry skin twice a day for optimal results. Pat or smooth in upward motions. Perfect for after shaving or microdermabrasion treatments.