Skincare doesn't have to be complicated.
Neferte makes it simple.


Each of our products have been precisely formulated to tackle a specific skin concern. Our unique and effective formulas are the result of Neferte's extensive research and development from dermatologists and clean skincare labs in the USA.

Whether it's acne, scarring, discoloration, burns, wrinkles, or texture, we've seen (and healed) it all.


Acne Spot Treatment

What it is:

A unique gel-like serum infused with  a natural blend of plant extracts
Key benefits:



shrinks pimples

soothes skin

suitable for sensitive skin
Skin Concerns:

bumps and blemishes

all types of acne

irritated, inflamed skin

Repair + Rebuild Serum

What it is:

A peptide serum that repairs and rebuilds damaged skin
Key benefits:

increases collagen production

improves skin elasticity

heals damaged skin

evens texture

Skin Concerns:

deep, indented scars

uneven texture

damaged skin

Green Tea Detoxifier

What it is:

2-in-1 exfoliator and mask with green tea, aloe, and French green clay
Key benefits:

draws out toxins and impurities

cleans deep within pores

removes dead skin

softens and evens texture

Skin Concerns:

rough, textured skin

blackheads and whiteheads

congested skin

Hydration Blast Serum

What it is:

A hyaluronic acid based serum with stable vitamin c and matrixyl 3000
Key benefits:

evens skin tone

packed with antioxidants

increases collagen production

balances oiliness throughout the day

Skin Concerns:

discoloration + hyperpigmentation

dull skin

dark spots 

burns and flat scars

Skin Revival Serum

What it is:

A powerful anti-aging serum infused with DMAE. Botox in a bottle.
Key benefits:

tightens and tones

brightens skin


improves elasticity

brings a natural, youthful glow

Skin Concerns:

sagging and dull skin

wrinkles + fine lines

tired looking skin

Rose Silkening Treatment

What it is:

2-in-1 exfoliator and mask infused with Turkish roses, hibiscus, and aloe - perfect for sensitive skin
Key benefits:

gently removes dead skin

reduces scarring and wrinkles

calms and soothes skin

hydrates and softens

Skin Concerns:

rough, textured skin


dull skin

Turmeric Amino Acid Gentle Cleanse

What it is:

The ultimate gentle cleanser for all skin types

A staple for every skincare routine
Key benefits:

deeply cleanses without stripping moisture

removes makeup, dirt, oil, and impurities

turmeric evens and brightens tone 

amino acids help restore damaged skin cells

Skin Concerns:

dark spots and hyperpigmentation

textured + acne prone skin


signs of aging